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  • Whether you are filing a patent, registering a trademark, applying for a professional license, or are involved in complex litigation, the attorneys at Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. will dedicate their full professional abilities to each and every client.
  • At Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. we take pride in providing legal services with the utmost professionalism. We are very aware of how the general public views our profession; therefore we strive for professional excellence as it is important that we lead by example. Our professional integrity directly benefits our clients and we enjoy a good reputation within the legal community.
  • The attorneys at Pinkert and Marsh, P.A. have over 15 years of combined experience assisting Applicants with Florida Bar applications and providing representation at hearings before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, as well as representing attorneys before the Florida Bar. In addition, we have experience in business law, patents, trademarks, and litigation. We utilize our experience to provide a valuable assessment of client issues and develop unique strategies and approaches to meet individual client needs.

Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. is a South Florida-based boutique law firm which prides itself on providing quality legal services with an emphasis on professionalism. Our talented attorneys are able to provide a full range of services with the quality results expected of large firms mixed with the personal attention and accountability of a boutique firm footprint. With over 15 years of combined experience, we provide legal services in practice areas including patents and trademarks, business law, commercial litigation, and administrative law. The attorneys at Pinkert & Marsh, P.A. are equipped to handle from the simple to the most complex litigation and business needs by combining a unique blend of industry experience with strong litigation know-how. Our dedicated and seasoned attorneys strive for the continuous delivery of legal and professional excellence and have earned a reputation for accuracy, quality, and integrity.